Gran’mas Strong Lancashire


Grandma Singletons Strong Traditional Lancashire is named after the founder of Singleton’s Dairy. Grandma Singleton’s is the strongest Traditional Lancashire available and is aged for a minimum of ten months. It is semi-soft in consistency and slightly crumbly with rich yellow color and a strong, tangy flavor. A favorite for lovers of strong cheese. Pasteurised cows milk with vegetarian rennet.

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Grandma’s Favourite Cheese

We are situated in Lancashire, and traditional creamy Lancashire cheese is the heart and soul of Grandma Singletons.

All our creamy Lancashires are made to exacting Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) standards, using tried and tested techniques of manufacture, utilising only local Bowland milk. This rich milk produces Beacon Fell cheese, the only Lancashire with a PDO and Grandma Singletons Famously Strong Lancashire, the leading brand of Lancashire cheese in the UK, which is regarded to be the strongest Lancashire cheese available.

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