Black Bomber Whole Cheese 3.2kg


Black Bomber Cheese is a select mature cheddar from Snowdonia. Full flavored cheese that leaves a good after taste. Pasteurized cows milk with vegetarian rennet. Whole cheese minimum weight 3.2kg

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Another fantastic, award winning cheese truckle offered by The Snowdonian Cheese Company. The Little Black Bomber is a strong, extra mature cheddar cheese that packs a punch as a powerful presence on any cheeseboard with a vintage Cheddar taste.

The hard cows milk cheese is produced in Snowdonia, in Wales, in a black wax, which retains a moist, smooth texture, distinctive from other traditional Cheddars which are usually more crumbly.

Black Bomber cheese won the 2010 Silver at Nantwich International and the 2007 Bronze World Cheese Award and is suitable for vegetarians.

Black Bomber cheese is a strong, powerful and yet surprisingly mellow cheddar, full of flavour, with a bite and long lasting aftertaste. Incredibly rich, with a slight sweet taste reminiscent of caramel and toffee apples. Superbly creamy in taste and texture making this one irresistibly morish.

As with most cheeses do ensure that you remove the cheese from the fridge and allow it to warm to room temperature before enjoying, as this brings out the fullness of the flavour.

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