All cheese cut to what ever size you like.



Creamy mature cheese rolled in roasted hops. £1.90 (per 100g)

WHITTINGTON RED: Silky smooth cross between Double Gloucester & Red Leicester. £1.90 (per 100g)

WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE & SHALLOTS: Crunchy shallot’s in this iconic sauce. £1.90 (per 100g)

WORCESTERSHIRE HONEY & FIGS: Mature cheddar blended with blossom honey and chopped figs. £1.90 (per 100g)

WORCESTER GOLD: Rich creamy and mellow mature. £1.90 (per 100g)

HOT CHILLI: Our spiciest cheddar cheese containing jalapeño, chilli, and cayenne peppers with crushed garlic. £1.90 (per 100g)

SCRUMPY & CRUNCHY APPLE: deliciously sweet yet crisp taste, as we steep the apples in Westons Old Rosie Cider overnight then infuse into our mature, mellow cheese. £1.90 (per 100g)

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