BLACK BOMBER: Select extra mature cheese made in Snowdonia. £2.00 (per 100g)

SOMERSET BRIE: Great English brie nice and creamy. £1.80 (per 100g)

APPLEWOOD SMOKED: Fantastic smoked cheese. £1.80 (per 100g)

TINTERN WITH SHALLOTS & CHIVES: Creamy mature cheese blended with shallots & chives. £1.80 (per 100g)

Y-FENNI WITH MUSTARD SEED & ALE: Creamy mature blendid with mustard seed & ale. £1.80 (per 100g)

CORNISH YARG: Semi firm cheese wrapped in nettles. £2.50 (per 100g)

CROPWELL BISHOP STILTON: One of the best blue Stiltons you can get.£2.10 (per 100g)

SHROPSHIRE BLUE: Great alternative to Stilton. £2.10 (per 100g)

WENSLEYDALE & CRANBERRY: Good blended crumbly cheese with cranberries. £1.80 (per 100g)

WENSLEYDALE & APRICOT: Good blended crumbly cheese with apricots. £1.80 (per 100g)

GRAN’MAS STONG LANCASHIRE: strong lancashire made in Preston. £1.70 (per 100g)

PARLICK FELL EWES MILK: Good all round ewes milk cheese: £2.90 (per 100g)

RIBBLESDALE GOAT: Good all round goat milk cheese. £3.20 (per 100g)

OXFORD BLUE: Semi hard creamy blue. £2.50 (per 100g)

OXFORD ISIS: soft wash rind cheese, washed in honey mead. £2.90 (per 100g)

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